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SnS Premium Cleaning, Inc. was established in Virginia Beach, VA in 2013.  Owners Skylan and Stacey Brothers were both born and raised in the Tidewater area.  Both worked in various environments such as corporate, school system, military, etc.  After a few years of running their business and working a FT job they both decided to take the entrepreneur leap of faith.  Since then they have grown and serviced customers from all walks of life.  SnS Premium Cleaning, Inc. continues to grow and expand on their services and service areas.  In 2015 we became SWaM certified which will hopefully open up our business relationships further.  Also in 2015 we received the "Champions of Disability Employment" award for our partnership with D.A.R.S.  We believe that everyone has the ability to do a great job if given the right opportunity and support.  SnS Premium Cleaning, Inc. appreciates you stopping by and please feel free to contact us if you or anyone you know is in need of our services.